Monday, April 1, 2013

Not What We Planned


Our Easter morning started out as planned with bagels, coffee and Easter baskets for the girls.

Then, things started to go downhill fast. As I was getting ready for mass, I started feeling a sharp pain in my left eye. Thinking I had something, like an eyelash or a piece of makeup, in the eye and it would get better, my family and I went to church, as planned. Instead, it got progressively worse, and we headed to urgent care, who then sent me to the ER. After, almost five hours there, it was determined I have a ulcer on my cornea and I will be seeing an ophthamologist this morning to determine treatment. Since I don't wear contacts, it may be related to my diabetes. Not exactly the Easter we had planned.

We will always laughingly remember this Easter photo of my daughters, taken in the emergency room. They were good sports and Megan happily watched, the Michigan Wolverines win their basketball game to make it to the final four - even if it was on the waiting room television. And, we all had to laugh, as our special Easter lunch, became Thai take out. I may be writing this post on pain medication, but my family is the reason I am happy.

Happy Monday!



  1. Vicki, I hope the ulcer heals quickly and you are feeling better. Do you wear contacs? I had a close call from wearing them a few years ago. So many eye drops to use. Take good care. xo

  2. So sorry to hear Vicki . . . hope you find some answers soon and can feel comfort returned. Thinking about you and caring . . .

    Very pretty daughters . . . happy about Michigan, (sad about State)!

  3. Hi Vicki,
    Things don't always go as planned....Hope this isn't a serious situation with your eye. I am praying that you will have good luck at the ophthamologist this morning.

  4. Oh sorry to hear Vicki! I hope it's something minor that can be taken care of quickly and easily. Feel better soon! I'm glad your girls were there too. Daughters in the house make even the emergency room a little more bearable.

  5. I join the other well-wishers in hoping that you are back to normal soon!

  6. I'm so sorry this happened. I'm sure there is a remedy for it. Your daughters are besutiful - and part of whatever treatment you need! Their smiling faces will lift your spirits every day!

  7. Oh no, I used to care for patients with corneal ulcers but the treatment has changed somewhat. I know fortified antibiotic eye drops or contacts filled with eye drops will be involved. Bless you as I know it is painful. I will pray.

  8. How terrible for you! I hope they figure it out and fix it fast. What a bummer of a memory to make on a holiday with your family.

  9. Wow, I've never heard of this!! But at least they found out what it was and from the looks of what Olive said (above), the treatment won't be too invasive. Take care of yourself.

  10. I had this happen a couple of years ago and yes, I feel your pain. It scared me to death as I'd never had anything like that happen to my eyes. It was treated with antibiotic eyedrops and some other kind of drops which I can't remember exactly what it was. The worst part for me was I was unable to wear my contacts for six weeks. I had to go buy new glasses as the only ones I had were what I wore from the bathroom to the bed each night and weren't fit for going out in public. The good news is that once I got started on the drops, the pain subsided almost immediately. It took it awhile to heal, but I never had any more pain. Hope it works the same for you. Good luck!

  11. Oh vicky.. I am so sorry to hear about your eye. I pray that it is back to normal soon! I love the photo of your girls ~ they are so cute.
    Feel better my friend!!

  12. Oh no. Sorry to hear about your eye. Hope it heals quickly. Your girls are beautiful!

  13. Oh dear Vicki, I hope all is well with your eye! That sounds painful! Have a blessed and healing kinda day! HUGS!

  14. Good luck and God bless with that!

  15. Hi Vicki,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the ulcer.. it sounds dreadful. I hope the procedure to remove it goes smoothly and hope you recover quickly.



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