Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday...pinterest, DWTS, etc.



  • We had this Italian Antipasto Salad for dinner last night and it was every bit as good as it looked on this pin from my favorite recipes board. I thought it was a really unique recipe with the addition of the giardiniera (pickled cauliflower, carrots and other vegetables) and the roasted red peppers. It gave it a very interesting, slightly spicy flavor. And the best part; healthy and filling.
  • Another sure sign of spring, that I can count on, is the melting of the pond in the woods behind my house. The blue water is such a welcome sight after the endless gray landscape. We have even been treated to the sight of a white swan that has returned from its winter home. I love seeing the flash of white, on the water, as it spreads its wings.
  • Dancing with the Stars felt bittersweet this week. I was sorry to see Lisa go, but she really did look like she was very frail and a silly show is not important enough to risk your health. I was surprised to see that people were accusing her of faking her illness and fainting spell. I would say, that's not Lisa's style at all.
  • I have a plumber coming today for an annoying drip and a clog we have ignored for a while. I always put off calling repair people, because I hate waiting around for them to come. But, I am always happy and relieved when things are finally fixed.
  • The return of baseball season and the Detrot Tigers makes me happy this week and I love being able to watch the games. As soon as it warms up, I look forward to attending a game at Comerica Park. Another reason to look forward to summer :-)

Happy Thursday!


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  1. That salad looks SO yummy:) I love DWTS and was sorry Lisa was ill but like you said... health comes first! I have a few dripping faucets and just haven't called to have them fixed! Have a blessed day dear Vicki, HUGS!

  2. That does look wonderful! I love recipes from Pinterest! I have even been able to pass myself off as a good cook a few times, I think.

    Oh, to have a pond in one's backyard... simply delightful. I'm trying to not be jealous.

    Have a happy day!

  3. Good luck with the plumber:) That salad looks delicious. Love to be in your backyard. Have a great day. B

  4. Vicki... your property is gorgeous. Love that pond. I was sorry to see Vicki leave as well.

  5. That dish looks delish...I am def going to have to try that recipe out!
    Stop by some time

  6. That salad looks like the REAL DEAL! lol my Italian roots are happy right now :) Just stopping by from the link-up nice blog!

    - Angela @

  7. That salad looks and sounds delicious!! Maybe that's one I should try out for myself as well?! Yes, definitely so. Visiting today from the SPD link-up :)

  8. Happy Thursday to you!!! Visiting today from the linkin!!!

  9. The salad looks delicious and it's making me hungry! I thought spring was coming as all the snow had melted here. And now it has snowed about 6 inches.

  10. I have to pin the salad. Looks awesome. Don't watch DWTS. At least you don't have snow Vicki. Minnesota is getting it today!

  11. Sounds decicious! I love making home made salads :)

  12. The Antipasto salad looks and sounds delicious . . . A Swan off in the distance would be quite the view!

  13. Being Italian, Antipasto salads are always a summer dinner staple for us! I love them and yours look really good!

  14. Love the pond view! And how neat to have a swan stop by. I am rooting for my Cubbies to have a better year than last! The salad looks great!

  15. That salad looks great!

    And I agree about Lisa. I don't think it's her style to fake an illness either!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  16. I am hoping to get to a tigers game this summer. We didn't end up going at all last summer. Thanks for stopping by today! :)

  17. Hi Vicki - that salad looks yummy - I'm always looking for new salad ideas so I'm pinning it too.

    As for Lisa and DWTS - are you kidding that people thought she was faking it? She looked so frail. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of hers. But felt sorry for her and thought she was very brave dancing Monday night.

    Signs of spring here too - our little lake is thawed, the scilla is about to bloom and the birds are back in abundance.

    Have a great weekend.

  18. Hi Vicki, The photograph of the pond is so pretty. What peaceful spot! I'm off to the market and I'm craving a good salad. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a nice weekend.

  19. Seems strange to have just one swan, but awesome that you have one at all. I used to have black swans near me when I lived in Louisiana. I never knew they existed until then. I thought it was just a phrase LOL. I was bummed about Lisa too, but DL did manage to improve. I was hoping it would have been him and that Lisa and Andy would have another week or two. I'm surprised at what a little spitfire Kellie Pickler is!

  20. Your salad looks wonderful. I enjoyed reading about your pond and your wild swan. We have geese and a few ducks and they are delightful to watch (and to listen to their gabbing). Thanks for joining us at Foodie Friday, and have fun this weekend.

  21. great photograph and recipe. this looks like a great dish.

  22. The salad sounds really delicious !!

  23. This sounds great. Thanks for linking to Saturday Dishes. Hope you come back next week. We are featuring ice cream!

    Wishes for tasty dishes,
    Linda @ Tumbleweed Contessa


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