Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston's Heroes


source, Boston Globe

When something evil happens, the only way to make sense of it all is to look for the acts of kindness that arise from the chaos. First, I was struck by the sight of the police, firemen and even ordinary citizens running towards the explosion immediately after the blast. They desperately tried to remove the fences and barricades to get to the wounded. Of course, there was no guarantee that there would not be another explosion, but these brave people went into the area anyway. It restores your faith in humanity.

Also, there were reports of acts of kindness by the citizens of Boston towards the runners who had their race cut short by the explosion and were tired, cold and in shock. It was reported that people were taking the runners into their homes, giving them a hot drink and a phone to use to try and connect with their loved ones. No thought was given that these were strangers - just that they needed a helping hand.

America's citizens and first responders are strong and brave - we saw the best of that on display in the city of Boston.





  1. Yes indeed . . . in the midst of tragedy the SPIRIT lives on . . .

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing!

    I read the news late at night over here in Germany and I was so shocked and sad, I couldn't fall asleep after reading this. I tried to catch the news on TV, was browsing through the internet and my news apps...

    WHO does something like that? I will never understand...

    God bless the brave people!

  3. The good in people in this world will prevail no matter what. Thank you for this post. B

  4. Finding good among the Evil... Praying!

  5. Good will always triumph over evil - but the evil seems to be becoming rampant - it batters the soul.
    Every. Single. Time.
    Beautiful post,

  6. So much courage to face down the cowards perpetrating evil. I like your focus on the goodness.

  7. Bless them and I thank them for their courage in the face of this heinous act.

  8. It always gladdens my heart that there are so many more people who would rather drop everything to help in any way than those who would walk away. At times like this human beings come into their own and without a thought for their own safety will become compassionate and caring. Well done to those brave people of Boston. Take care. Chel x

  9. There are so many more good people than bad out there; the media tends to overlook that.

  10. Absolutely right Vicki. In the darkest of times, many lights begin to shine and those brave people who ran towards the bomb areas are true shining lights. Ann

  11. So true, Vicki. My son and my husband are police officers. They have been blessed that they have never been involved in this type of horror, but every day they are helping and saving lives. I'm proud to know them.


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