Monday, August 12, 2013

Holding On To Summer





Weather wise, this has been a funny summer. Rainy, cloudy and cool. The pool days have been few and far between, so at this point, with the end of August looming, I chose to have a pool day, regardless of the clouds in the sky. I didn't let those clouds bother me at all, as I had a lovely lunch poolside. My country club's pool has the best wrap sandwiches and their club sandwich is amazing too and always a favorite.



I had my iced tea, within reach, on the table next to my chair. I even had the waitress bring me a gin and tonic later in the afternoon. There is nothing as relaxing as a cocktail, poolside.



There is a lovely view of the golf course, behind the pool, with tall grasses to ensure privacy. The clouds were still hanging in at this point, but blue sky was beginning to peek through.



My pretty flip flops - my summertime shoe - were kicked off at the end of my lounge chair.



And, as the sun finally broke through the clouds, my old standby book was ready to be read again. Lunch by the pool, a drink in my hand and a good book to enjoy - I am holding on to summer as long as I can :-)


Happy Monday!



  1. Sounds like you had a perfect day:) HUGS coming your way this morning! Have a blessed day!

  2. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing day . . . I don't mind it being cooler but love the sunshine!

  3. Wonderful day! My mom and I headed for the pool to do the wrap sandwichs...they have a buffalo chicken wrap at our club that I crave some days!

    Also, I have not read the book, but Under the Tuscan Sun is one of my all time favorite movies. I LOVE the message!

  4. Definitely looks like the perfect summer day! My daughter loves that book. Looks like I'll need to read it.

  5. Perfect way to enjoy a summer day! I'm not giving up yet on summer either!! :)

  6. Seems like summer has gone so fast. Your day sounds perfect. I loved the book ...have you seen the movie? Diane Lane is one of my favorites.

  7. Perfect way to spend a summer day!

  8. Looks like a great way to wrap up the summer! And you can enjoy a cozy winter day curled up with the dvd version of Under the Tuscan Sun!

  9. I adore all of Frances Mayes books. I have not been swimming in so long I have no clue where the swimsuits are and would be scared how I look in one ;]

  10. This post was really fun, Vicki! I wish I was there sitting by you sipping tea, and later going for a swim. Such fun!!! Keep holding on to summer; don't let it slip away any sooner than it has to!
    xo Beth

  11. As fall approaches, these days are more and more precious. We basked in the sun on Saturday after a very wet Friday - it was heaven.

  12. Love that book! I may read it again too. I'm reading Where We Belong now. It's pretty good.

  13. That's a great idea! You have a lovely place to do that. I haven't relaxed at our country club pool right down the street. Maybe I will use your idea! Thanks for the inspiration. And that's a good book to relax with!

  14. Love your flippies..very pretty..Our summer has been unGodly hot and sticky..Can't wait til it's over..


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