Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday...books, reality tv, etc.



This weekend will be very exciting for my daughter, Melissa. Her Pompon season at MSU comes to a close with the Collegiate Championships on Saturday. We will be attending a rehearsal on Friday night and then will be able to take her to dinner - always fun! The competition on Saturday will be held at MSU for the first time and the girls have been working hard to represent their school at home and are very excited to take the floor at The Breslin Center. Go Green and Go Melissa!


I just finished the new Anna Quindlen novel and while she is definately one of my favorite authors, I am still processing this book and not sure what to think. It is a quiet read, but has an emotional punch. Most likely, I will have more to say about it after I gather my thoughts. Has anyone else read this yet?


The Winter Olymipics begin in the next few days and I wish I was more excited. The more I read about the fiasco of the hotel rooms (hilarious tweets being sent from the first journalists to arrive), I wonder how effective the security can be. A terrorist attack or at least an attempt seems inevitable. It would not be a place I would want to be and I usually think a trip to the Winter Olympics would be so much fun.


I admit it, I used to watch most of the reality tv shows, especially the housewives of every city. Lately, I find myself starting to watch a season and either getting bored or getting annoyed with the actions being shown. They used to be a fun, guilty pleasure, but now feel too scripted, too petty and not what the shows were intended to be. Atlanta is unwatchable and Beverly Hills has lost its way. New York starts in March and I will give it a chance - maybe :-)


Downtown Abbey was good this week, but I do feel worried for Lady Edith. I always have liked her and felt bad for her life, spent in the shadow of her prettier sister. If she is pregnant; what a scandal - and she can't even marry the baby's father. What on earth will she do?

Happy Thursday!



  1. All the best to Melissa, happy time with her thus weekend.

    I look forward to more critique from the book, I haven't read it. Finding something to watch on the tele has been quite the challenge of late . . . I will watch the Olympics but agree . . . not a place I would want to be!

  2. I will be watching the Olympics and I will be praying for everyone to stay safe! Have a blessed day dear friend, and good luck to your Daughter this weekend! I know it will be one for the memory books! HUGS!

  3. For some reason, I've never been a fan of Anna Q's books. I haven't seen much reality TV for the mere reason that I can't find any of my channels here. And then when I do, I forget them. Good luck to your darling daughter this weekend!!

  4. Good Luck to your daughter and her squad. I feel the same about Olympics I'm excited but nervous for everyone there. TV has been disappointing lately.Have a great day!

  5. How exciting for the quad!!! Go Green. And I'm with you on Downton.


  6. Go luck to your daughter! I too usually love Anna Q's books, but had not yet seen this one. And agree...not really looking forward to the Olympics. Last thing I want to see is something terrible happen or unfold right before my eyes! Yikes.

  7. Will she go to Germany, I wonder? ...:)JP

  8. Congratulations Melissa. I really need to watch that show I seem to be missing a lot:) B

  9. Go Green! I have fond memories of competing in a cheerleader competition and one of the judges was a favourite hockey star of the time. So exciting even if we didn't win.

  10. I have always watched all of the housewives, too. I have to agree with you. They are almost too raunchy to watch now. Carlton of the Beverly Hills Housewives is most annoying to me with her strange personality. She almost brings a Bad element to the show, and I find her slightly disgusting. My favorites have always been Orange County and New Jersey. I will try to give New York a chance, too. But I do think I give up too much time to these shows....I even watch the reruns!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  11. Good luck to the girls at the competition this weekend! What happened to Beverly Hills this season? I used to love watching to see the houses and parties and all, but it is no longer entertaining. Carlton and Brandy have taken it down.

  12. Hope your daughter has a great weekend!
    I adore DA and Olympics. It's rare for us to have the TV on SO MUCH.

  13. We love Downton Abbey too. I don't watch any reality tv shows, they just aren't my cup of tea. I watch 2 hours of the Olympics each day, and look forward to your thoughts on the new Quindlan book, I haven't read it.

  14. I hope the Collegiate Championships went well this weekend. What a treat to be able to see your daughter and her team compete! I'm right there with you on the housewives. I am totally fed up with the drama for drama's sake. I'm a huge Bravo fan but I fear that they have "jumped the shark" on all the reality shows. RHONYC is one of my favorites (along with OC - mostly for sentimental reasons since it was the first) so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt but time will tell...


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